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Bath Place Capital supports clients as they navigate a transformation, be it a change of ownership, post merger integration, turnaround, rapid growth and expansion, or getting to grips with the digital world:

Strategy and Planning:  Facilitating the development, dissemination and reporting against the medium/long term vision and plans (internally, with the board, and externally), establishing priorities and guardrails for investment and operational priorities

Innovation and Growth:  Supporting the creation of new ventures via strategic or transformational innovation, be that through acquisitions, investments, partnerships, or internal incubators, and promoting a more agile and innovative culture

Operating Model:  Establishing and supporting organisational design principles to support better decision making, clear accountability and governance, better customer and consumer focus, and optimising overall company performance and value creation

Transformation and Change:  Designing, implementing and facilitating a coordinated change programme across the business, driving strategic and transformational change, and optimising the allocation of skills and capabilities to accelerate the execution of the strategy across the business

Data:  Demonstrating the business value of data and its monetization, supporting the creation of a data driven culture by building standards, tools and capability to support all employees, and confronting the ethical implications of data and analytics

The following are examples of our work.

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Global Investment Business:  Engaged to support a majority investment in a carve out from a global media business.  BPC provided advice from the very beginning of the bidding process, assessing company documentation, and providing insights and perspectives gained from personal experience, as well as leveraging extensive contacts across the sector.  Closely involved in the creation of the investment case and post deal planning process, the client was successful in the bidding process, with feedback praising the investor’s insights into the business and their ability to build productive relationships with the target management team during the bidding process.


Mid-market, UK-based PE firm:  Engaged to support initial due diligence on a potential investment in the EdTech sector.  BPC provided industry insight and intelligence, leveraging our extensive, global network in this area, to identify the potential investment case and key value drivers.  We also provided management and strategy due diligence.


The investor decided not to pursue the investment, based on our assessment, but instead shifted focus to an adjacent sub sector, that offered better opportunities for value creation given the investor’s skill set and appetite for risk.


PE Backed Management Team:  Engaged to support the creation of a new division, entering a new product market.  BPC provided advice on business model design and initial business case in the online education market, then supported the development and implementation of a pilot product roll out.  We also advised on the recruitment and structure of the new division’s senior leadership team.


The Group board approved a significant investment to create the new division, that broke even at an operating level after only 12 months and continues to build momentum and market share. 


Start Up Founders:  Engaged to help establish the growth strategy of a new business and support pre-seed and seed level fundraising.  BPC was approached to advise on sales strategy and business model design.  We then helped the founders secure over £1m in pre-seed VC investment and a further £750k in grant funding.  We continue to support the founders, as an advisor and an investor, as they grow their business.


Corporate CEO:  Engaged to support an externally appointed CEO in the information and professional services sector.  BPC designed and facilitated a highly inclusive five-month strategy process, involving over 100 senior leaders across the business, leading to a two-day board session.  The strategy included 5-year plans for each business unit and enabling function, as well as specific plans for talent and digital transformation.


The board enthusiastically endorsed the strategy which required a significant investment programme to deliver 30% growth over the next five years.  Described by several board members as the most coherent strategy they had ever received from the leadership team and leading to an ‘unprecedented level of confidence in [the team’s] ability to execute’.


Divisional C-suite team:  In preparation for a carve out, BPC was engaged to support a global healthcare business to develop its own discrete 5-year strategy for presentation to potential shareholders and analysts.  Support included advice on investor relations and media strategy, operating model development, ongoing strategy and M&A processes, and executive development and coaching.


The strategy was well received by shareholders, described by one as ‘both visionary and practical’.

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